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Track Incoming Calls

Are your marketing dollars working for you? Find out with PhnKey! By using these unique phone numbers for your marketing campaigns, you can track your incoming call statistics in real-time and listen to call recordings.

PhnKey provides unique phone numbers for tracking your marketing campaigns. Through this simple phone tracking system, you can track incoming call stats in real-time and listen to phone call recordings. It's analytics for your phone! So you can figure out where your leads come from, when they come, and why they do or don't convert. With all that data, you'll know better where to spend (or not) on marketing.
Use PhnKey numbers in any or all of your marketing campaigns for accurate call lead analytics. There's no limit to how many local phone numbers you can set up. Use a different call-in number for your billboard signage, newspaper ads, yellow page listings, web pages, Google Local listings and more to determine what's working and what's not. Thanks to PhnKey, you'll have the knowledge to shift your marketing investments for better ROI.