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Why choose PhnKey?

Call Analytics

View graphs, charts and lead data instantly. The PhnKey database archives every phone call so you can check back on call history and length. Analyze what, when, and why things are happening over time.

Buy or Drop Numbers at Any Time

Generate as many phone numbers as you need for as many campaigns as you run. Adding new phone numbers is just a click away. Numbers are individually tracked, allowing you to see which campaigns work and which ones should be dropped.

Record Calls

Call recording is as simple as checking a box to indicate that you would like to record all phone calls. This also triggers a notification to your callers that the call may be recorded.

Whisper Message

Assign a description to each number and you'll instantly know where the calls are coming from. For example, if you type in "radio spot" the calls will say "radio spot" before anyone speaks.


  • Get new numbers in minutes, set up is fast/easy
  • Sign up instantly, no contract required
  • Pay as you go, no minimum cost and low monthly
  • Appear local: local and toll-free digits for U.S. /Canada
  • Use as many or as few numbers as you need
  • Track call sources by number and description
  • Record calls to listen later
  • Check statistics in real time
  • Receive instant email notifications when calls come in
  • Export data via CSV for offline business analysis
  • Call PhnKey for knowledgeable, free customer support